New update for Myiptv , new Myiptv4k support most Full HD(1080p) channel streaming now

New system advantages:
▪ Can use in multiple Android devices (once at a time).
▪ Have EPG functions - Program info, boleh tau next hour ada cerita apa.

Step untuk subscribe:
1. Register username dan password sendiri di
2. Download new Myiptv4k apk dari website di atas atau dan install dalam mana2 Android device.
3. Buat pembayaran secara online.
4. No pin topup akan dihantar terus kepada anda melalui email anda selepas sahaja pembayaran dibuat.
4. Top Up , keyin 12digit code untuk activate /view channel

What AUTHORIZED Dealer can do?
▪ Transfer your iptv account to another device (Free). T&c applied.
▪ Instantly submit report to server engineer if any channel down. They will try to fix it soon as possible.
▪ Request report from server engineer if there are any maintenance ongoing.
▪ Received new update from server engineer if there are any new channel available.
▪ Support from day 1 until your subscription finished.

Download Link:
Download Apk v1.68

Preview Channel :

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